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GEN Community Sustainability Summit 22 May! Problems in Sustainability: An Interactive Panelist Discussion

Problems in Sustainability

An Interactive Discussion and Networking Event

22 and 23 May, 2022

Join regeneration enthusiasts from around the world for an interactive online event with expert Q&As, curated small-group discussions, networking, and more! 

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What You'll Get

• Global Networking: The opportunity to connect meaningfully and freely with regeneration enthusiasts from around the world and to find your tribe.

• Panellist Discussion: Access to view a live, moderated expert panelist discussion exploring the most contentious issues in the Regeneration Movement.

• Live Q&A: The opportunity to pick the brains of some of today's most influential movers in ecological living. 

• Small-Group Discussions: Time in small groups to dive in and share more deeply than is possible in large groups.

• Discord: An invitation to a GEN Summit-only Discord server to keep the conversation and connections alive after the event.

• Recording: A recording of the Panellist Discussion and Live Panelist Q&A

Community Sustainability Summit

The Global Ecovillage Network's Community Sustainability Summit workshop series is an international, interactive online event series exploring the dilemmas, controversies, and unknowns of the Community Sustainability movement with panelist interviews, discussions, Q&As, original music, artwork, games, small-group discussions, networking, and more!

This is the year’s best opportunity to interact with some of the most impactful voices in Community Sustainability and to network with regeneration enthusiasts from around the world!

Discussion Questions

Submit and vote on questions for the Live Q&A here!

Panellist Discussion Questions

Based on their overlapping areas of expertise and interest, our panellists will be asked the following questions and encouraged to respond to one another, allowing the conversation to flow naturally.

• We are calling this series the Community Sustainability Summit. Is “sustainability” the right word?

• In what ways are religion, spirituality, and ceremony beneficial for ecological living? In what ways are they harmful?

• In order to effectively combat climate change, must we adopt a one-world government or rely more heavily on local governance?

• On the road to regeneration, in what ways should we embrace indigenous practices and theory, and in what ways should we embrace modern Western practices and theory? How can the developed world integrate indigenous practices respectfully?

• What are the inner-changes one must make in order to build regenerative culture?

• In what specific ways is colonisation hindering Africa from reaching its climate goals? What have been the largest obstacles in convincing African towns to become ecovillages?

Small Group Discussion Questions

After the Panellist Discussion and a Live Q&A, guests will be dispersed into small groups of 3-5 people. In addition to the questions asked to the panellists, guests will be invited to discuss any (but realistically not all) of these following questions:

• Should we stop having children for the environment?

• When does an ecovillage become a cult?

• Is the ecovillage movement propagating colonialism?

• Is Social Media mostly good or bad for building community?

• Is religion necessary for communities to survive?

• Is marriage a useful paradigm in intentional communities, or should we strive for alternative relationship dynamics?

• Should hierarchies be escaped or embraced in alternative communities?

• Cultural Appropriation in the Ecovillage Movement

• Should communities practice psychedelics?

• Are gender roles important on farms?

• What are the benefits of female-led communities?

• Can we call omnivorous farms “eco-friendly?”

• Should regenerative communities use Western or Holistic medicine?

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